The stars have aligned…and you’re right.

You know the impact digital media provides for your online social presence…otherwise you wouldn't be here. What's the ROI on print ad or billboards, that’s anyone's guess.

We don't guess.

Modus Operandi

Drowning in marketing terminology?

SEO, ROI, analytics, inbound vs. outbound marketing, responsive website, process color, etc.

Don’t worry, we will navigate you through.

BRAVO Creative is anchored in the belief of truth in marketing. Don’t lie to your audience and the conversation will continue.

BRAVO Creative believes in creating engaging and compelling content to propel your message to the masses.

Everyone wants to sell you something, good and bad. We are your lifesaver. We know digital media, print, media buying, design and websites…we’ve got you covered.

The Team

(a.k.a. shameless photos of ourselves)

We are creatives, not salesmen.

We love telling your story, not ours. Let us tell your story.

What We Do

Business Profile Video

Whether you need a video to introduce your business, promote a new product or service, or remind the market that you’re still there, BRAVO Creative has you covered. We will help you track your viewership through analytics and stats so you aren’t just throwing money up in the air for future marketing campaigns.

Marketing & Communication Strategy

With more than 11 years in the marketing field, we’ve watched the process change. If your business is stuck, then it is time to change your strategy. BRAVO Creative is "hell-bent" on helping you find those conversations within your market.

Web Development

Building a fancy website that costs thousands of dollars won't necessarily convert your leads into prospects. Building a website that gives visitors an easy way to learn more about you and your products…will.
(And here is a little secret…it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars)

Print Design

For a creative, there’s nothing like holding a genius piece of design that has a great layout and a clean aesthetic, that's what got us into the business.

BRAVO Creative is a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. concept (Keep It Simple Stupid), and our style shows it. Having engaging content and a great design is what we do best.

  • "Bravo helped increase gross sales by 18%, and grew our 500 Facebook followers to 2,250+"

    Laura Kitzi, Owner, Columbia Jazzercise
  • "Getting your message out shouldn't be boring. Bravo combines experience with unparalleled creativity."

    Brad Jones, Missouri State Director, NFIB
  • "You have such talent"

    Tom’s mom, Facebook post 2013
  • "Kristina has like the best hair ever!"

    Angie Ferrugia said to another girl in 1998

Let's Connect

Tom Baker
Chief Executive Officer

Tom Baker is an insanely talented videography, photographer and overall marketer, but has a hard time admitting it (if you know him, you know that’s a lie).

Most days you will find him in a stocking cap, pearl snap shirt, and bright tennis shoes. Pants slow him down. He reads more books than the average book editor, leaving him full of much knowledge, mostly useful.

He is an avid doodler and is always full of new ideas, plenty that are far from the beaten path. This is what sets BRAVO Creative apart. The want to do something out of the ordinary.


Kristina Bright
Chief Marketing Officer

When you have more than one creative in a room, there is bound to be a smorgasbord of ideas that get tossed around.

We as creatives are a nasty bunch when left unattended and fighting for your idea becomes commonplace. No one fights harder than Kristina Bright! With a black belt in Karate, it is not uncommon for Kristina to leave the war room victorious and her fellow strategist’ bloodied.

Kristina also has a black belt in marketing strategies and will crane kick her way to a successful ad campaign.